Innovative Gate
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Small space in the underground and more
 Invention Patent

The compact gates Compact Gate® are unique in its kind. We have invented and patented a new opening and closing system of gates and have done it occupying very few
space in the underground.
The innovation will enable everybody to install our compact gate saving space in the garden and avoiding  movements to the side or near the gate

Up to 40 gates
Small space for National and International shippings
Invention Patent
We have patented a new system for shipping in the whole world.
The gate COMPACT GATE® has a particular patented system which enables you to transport the gates in the whole world occupying a small space and reducing considerably shipping and handling costs.
Every distributor/sales point may commercialize our gates in a simple way.

Bar in stainless steel
Bar for overstepping in stainless steel – made for long lasting.

The compact gates COMPACT GATE® have a special patented bar which may carry high weights for the overpassing of cars or trucks. It is made completeley in stainless steel, a long lasting material for outodoor use, easy to clean and with a very low degree of wear.
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