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All you need to know about vertical automatic gates COMPACT GATE COMPACT GATE®
Invention Patent - Design Patent

It is really easy to install  COMPACT GATE® and you will save time.


Aluminium & Stainless steel for a unique design.
Design patent

The gates Compact Gate® are realized for long lasting, produced with best materials like aluminium and stainless steel.Innovation and functionality are the two important concepts which we took in consideration for aesthetic realization in order to integrate the gate in an architectural context of modern and eco-friendly houses.

Small space in the underground and more
 Invention Patent

The compact gates Compact Gate® are unique in its kind. We have invented and patented a new opening and closing system of gates and have done it occupying very few space in the underground.
The innovation will enable everybody to install our compact gate saving space in the garden and avoiding  movements to the side or near the gate

Fast and Reliable
Functioning Patented
Compact Gate® gates are the fastest certified gates on the market. The patented operation allows you to open and close the gate easily.

Barriers with standard integrated security photocells.

On all automatic compact gates COMPACT GATE® there are installed integrated security photoells.
These are not only simple photocells, but barrier photocells for a total of 10 sets of photocells.
Extremely close one to the other, they are mounted either on the internal and on the external border offering latest technology and having many points, they may offer major security for overstepping of small objects.


The gates COMPACT GATE® are available in modern and contemporary colours  for outdoor use.

Ready for installation & CE certification

The gates COMPACT GATE® are tested and ready for installation. All security devices and calibration are integrated and realized in our firm.
The gates are produced and certificated according to the rules of law.

Dimensions - Characteristics - Certification CE

The gates COMPACT GATE® are available in different lengths and heigths to guarantee installation in new buildings or the ones which have to be renovated.

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