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Forty-six years of work experience have led our company to push the envelope in developing the unique compact gate that will change the way you design your home's entrance. Industrial experience coupled with modern, flexible production and an international sales network has stood out over the years for the quality of essential products, capable of solving situations with innovative solutions.

From 1977
Living witness of MADE IN ITALY
A space dedicated to architects and individuals
cancelli automatici moderni

A distinctive company that has stood out since 1977 for its technological know-how and craftsmanship culture.
A company that works in quality while respecting the environment and that, with IN-OUT, furnishes your home and contract.
The company owns three company brands, each divided by product type and marketed in different sales channels.


Work and complements

FIVESTARSITALY Arredamento e pergole esterno

Innnovative Gate

FIVESTARSITALY Arredamento e pergole esterno

1977 | Outdoor furniture

FIVESTARSITALY Arredamento e pergole esterno


If we look at the history of the near past, of the last quarter of a century, extraordinary transformations that have changed the way of living, producing and thinking, in Italy as well as throughout the world, spring to mind. Our company has grown in this rapidly and continuously changing scenario, developing gradually, revealing an ability to foresee changes and achieve its goals. Founded in 1977, CENEDESE in the field of home and office furniture, is an exemplary in the context of Veneto entrepreneurship.

In fact, this is the story of a company that started out from a craftsman's dimension and mentality, and since the second half of the seventies, through the shrewdness of the choices made, has been able to transform itself, growing to become an industrial reference point in the outdoor furniture market, making it a true design and consultancy centre for outdoor and home furnishings. Among the objectives that we can say have been achieved, the first place goes to the optimisation of the industrial furniture product, which allows the most balanced quality/price ratio to be achieved.

Next comes the creation of a high standard of service, as efficiency and speed of service are among the requirements most appreciated by customers. However, it can say that it has consolidated a recognisable image, capable of communicating the values contained in its proposals to the general public. The significance of a global presence on the market, also in view of the concrete advantages that an all-round proposal would bring to business partners, has led our company to expand its offer. From outdoor furniture, processing and accessories, the COMPACT GATE® brand was added, in the creation of the only automatic compact gate on the patented market.

The company in fact represents an important case study and constitutes a positive model of corporate growth that develops around its strengths, craftsmanship, technical and moral, until it becomes a consolidated reality. Some scholars of Italian customs maintain that the Veneto region, and the Treviso area in particular, still represents the heart of small and medium-sized Italian companies in this century, the real and lasting backbone of an entrepreneurial reality that still seems to have no equals in other parts of Italy. In this area, the history of enterprises intersects with that of numerous families, founders and inspirers of many 'entrepreneurial paths' that set an example for the rest of Italy.

Via B.Croce,19
31058 Susegana, Z.I. Bardini
Treviso (Italy)
T. +39 0438460161
2024 - VAT No. 00554520262 - Company Register - REA No. TV - 126909 of 11-07-77
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