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Start of activities

CENEDESE was established in 1977 in Santa Lucia di Piave, in the province of Treviso, and immediately became an important guarantee in the tertiary sector.
The experience gained over decades of activity has placed CENEDESE in a small group of companies with the best requirements to ensure products in line with evolving market needs. A production philosophy inspired by quality, simplicity and care in design has been the company's main objective since its inception.


Production for the giant IKEA

In 1985 the company started working for the giant Ikea. The collaboration lasted about ten years, until 1994. From this collaboration, the company improves the design and production of outdoor furniture by researching and experimenting with new solutions, beautiful to look at and capable of solving the real needs of each customer with concreteness and simplicity. Products made with advanced technologies, eco-friendly production processes and refined workmanship, where every detail is never left to chance, where ergonomics is always correctly applied.


FIVESTARSITALY brand is born

Since 1994, FIVESTARSITALY has taken part in the first trade fairs on its own, bringing its products to the whole world. "Spoga Germany" for 15 years, "High Point USA" for 6 years, "Sun di Rimini" for 9 years, Koln Furniture Fair, Milan Furniture Fair.


Company showroom

In 2005 the exhibition showroom was established at the company, where still today many customers, architects and designers visit every day to see the products live and create new ones.
The wide range of modular choices, the attention to detail, the accuracy of the finishes, the high performance of the materials, the search for functional solutions that meet today's needs, such as safety and practicality, are the elements that FIVESTARSITALY considers fundamental for the creation of a high quality product with a strong competitive capacity.


Outdoor kitchens

Since 2008, when outdoor kitchens were still not considered in Italy, the 'CUBE' professional outdoor kitchens project was born. They are added to the already wide range of products offered, in order to be even more competitive in the worldwide outdoor furniture market.


COMPACT GATE brand is born

An ingenious intuition, many invention patents filed, a unique product. The COMPACT GATE® brand is added in 2012. The company begins production of unique compact retractable gates. Mass production, not by a 'simple locksmith', leads the company to numerous awards and furnishes the entrance to your home with a unique product. A specific website is created for this product: www.compactgate.com.


New company headquarters

In 2021/2022 the company headquarters will move to Susegana, modern and refined with a new showroom.
A strong and recognisable image. The company is currently positioned on a medium-high quality target, where it has rapidly established itself nationally and internationally.


New partnerships/exports

COMPACT GATE® collaborates and distributes gates throughout Europe. New partnerships are established with distributors in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and other countries in Europe. The company is committed to exporting to all countries in Europe and beyond.

Via B.Croce,19
31058 Susegana, Z.I. Bardini
Treviso (Italy)
T. +39 0438460161
2024 - VAT No. 00554520262 - Company Register - REA No. TV - 126909 of 11-07-77
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