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COMPACT GATE® is produced exclusively in Italy. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by workmanship performed to perfection. The company is founded on some of the core values of Made in Italy: an area that represents, on the international scene, an unrepeatable system, from the idea to the market, and that maintains product quality as a primary value; a continuous and far-sighted investment in technologies and in the production plant. The entire production process is then supported by state-of-the-art technological systems that are decisive for the final result: the creation of ergonomic products with high quality standards and high performance.

Research and design
Design is the fundamental basis for the quality of a product. For this reason, each new model, before being put into production, undergoes a complex and careful design and industrialisation process. Important moments in this process are, among others, the precise definition of initial inputs, detailed planning of all activities to be performed, verification of the different activities, calculations and laboratory tests, validation and approval for production.

Production department
The organisation of production and logistics are key activities to ensure precision, punctuality and efficiency. COMPACT GATE manufactures metal fabrications by managing all processes. Processing of aluminium, stainless steel and other materials are the fundamental basis of 46 years of experience in the industry.

Assembly department
TRAINING: A company is above all made up of people. Therefore, a careful selection of people and a constant process of training becomes fundamental, providing the best supports to work effectively and accurately.
CHECKS AND TESTS: In order to avoid any errors, COMPACT GATE® has structured an internal control system at different levels with the aim of minimising the risk of errors or defects reaching our customers. Checks are foreseen during the acceptance of materials from suppliers, during the different production stages and on the finished product before shipment.

Shipping department
WAREHOUSE: COMPACT GATE® has a warehouse where customer orders are stored. The handling of transports by truck, ship, container or fast carriers and couriers are carried out by our office to guarantee an excellent service.

Via B.Croce,19
31058 Susegana, Z.I. Bardini
Treviso (Italy)
T. +39 0438460161
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