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Barriers with standard integrated security photocells.

On all automatic compact gates COMPACT GATE® there are installed integrated security photoells.
These are not only simple photocells, but barrier photocells for a total of 10 sets of photocells.
Extremely close one to the other, they are mounted either on the internal and on the external border offering latest technology and having many points, they may offer major security for overstepping of small objects.

Sensors of weight integrated
Security for adults – kids – animals

A particular weight sensor detects an object of about 8 kg although not beeing in the action radius of the photocells and will stop the gate.

Relaxing vacation with emergency battery integrated.

The gates COMPACT GATE® are provided with an integrated emergency battery of 12V in case of lack of power.
They enable the opening of the gate so you may get in for switching on power in the house.

Signal RGB-led lights
Unique design with integrated emergency ligths.

Douple signal and emergency lights for the compact gates Compact Gate®. The led ligths for a modern design are available in two colours, green light for opening and red ligth for emergency or closing the gate. Both are flashing when they are in function.

Extra small columns with photocells.
Additional security for your motion

In the gates Compact Gate® it is possible to add as accessory  additional small columns to offer major security to your motion.
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