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    Vertical compact gates for building

The project and our history.
The young brand and the experience of 40 years has brought our company to develop a compact gate wich will change the way to realize the entry of your houses. The industrial experience together with a modern and flexible production and its international commerical network has led to characterize for years the essential products for quality, capable for solving situations with innovative systems.
40 years of Quality Made in Italy
All our gates are designed and produced with latest technological systems guaranteeing an excellent price/quality value.
Big attention for small details and the materials used for production. Study and design of the gates. Practical and efficient systems. Certifications of products according to the applicable standards.
A production phylosophie inspired by quality, simplissity and the attention to design has been the main aim of the firm since its foundation.
Design and production of the gates has to be translated in a continuous research and experimentation of solutions which are not only nice to see, but capable of solving with a practic and simple way the real needs of clients. Technology and advanced manufacturing are features of our gates without leaving to chance any detail. The high quality standard of the gates is due to the use of the best raw materials. The wide range of dimensions, the big attention to details, the accuracy of finishings, the high performance of the material, the research of functional solutions which may cover the need of the client (safety,  practicality) are the main points for the realization of a gate with excellent quality and good competitiveness.
All this due to the accurate study in design using and researching always new intelligent solutions which meet the real needs of the client.

Industrial production made in Italy.
A industrial production realized in ITALY in our headquater.
Inside our firm we realize completely the gates  COMPACT GATE®.
Commercial office – administration office
Development office – technical office – production site  - department for tests and trials – stock – spedition.

Research of materials and innovative solutions.
Basis of this is a careful work of research and development made in a special laboratory of our firm representing the heart of our creativity.
The whole production process is supported by tecnological advanced systems aiming to the final results: the creation of ergonomic products with high quality standard and performance. Thanks to this phylosophie, COMPACT GATE® produces compact gates with vertical disappearance in the underground and modern and contemporary design in line with the current needs of the market.
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