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Discover our COMPACT GATE® gates

The COMPACT GATE® gate is subject to invention, design and utility patents throughout Europe and many countries outside Europe.
A unique, registered trademark.

Look at our patents

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Reduced space underground and beyond
Invention patent
Compact Gates® are unique.
We have invented and patented a compact retractable gate that takes up very little space underground.
This invention will allow anyone to install one of our compact gates while saving space in the garden and avoiding the need to study movement spaces to the side or near the gates.

Space is important to us

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Simple laying directly with your construction company
Installing a COMPACT GATE® is extremely easy and time-saving.
For anyone: professional, engineer, architect, building contractor, private person.

Learn how to install a gate

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Aluminium and stainless steel gates for modern design
Compact Gate® retractable gates are made for long life, manufactured from the best materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. Innovation and functionality are two important concepts that we took into account when realising the aesthetics, so that it could be integrated into the architectural context of modern, eco-friendly homes.

Discover the design of our compact retractable gates

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Safety for adults, children and pets
A special weight sensor detects an object if someone is not within range of the photocells.

Discover all the safety features on our automatic retractable gates

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CompactGate® automatic gates are the fastest certified gates on the market. The patented operation makes it easy to open and close the gate.

How our gates work

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27 Available colours
COMPACT GATE® gates are available in 27 modern and contemporary outdoor resistant colours.

Discover all available colours

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You won't need anything, everything is included and ready to install!
CompactGate® gates are tested and ready for installation. All safety devices and calibrations are integrated and manufactured in-house.

What is included in COMPACT GATE® gates

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Dimensions, Features and CE Certifications
CompactGate® gates are available in different widths and heights to ensure installation in new buildings or for those in need of renovation.

See dimensions, features and certifications

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