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Gates in designer colours

Choose from 37 available colours of aluminium and stainless steel gates
Always ask our sales offices for colour availability. Do not find your colour alternatively ask our offices for your customised colour.

Indicative colours and shades.
cancelli automatici
COMPACT GATE® gates are ideal for those looking for a high-quality product that blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of their home. By choosing our painted aluminium and stainless steel gates, you will be able to customise your entrance with designer tones and vibrant colours. Our selection of colours will allow you to find the perfect solution for your personal taste, while guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting protection.
Coloured gates are a stylish choice for any property, especially in seaside areas where salty air can cause corrosion of materials. COMPACT GATE® offers a wide range of colours for our aluminium and painted stainless steel gates, guaranteeing excellent durability and resistance. Our design shades are perfect for blending in with the surroundings and creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Choosing a high-quality coloured gate is a lasting and valuable investment that will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but also protect it from the elements.

Cancello bianco puro
CG01 | Pure white
cancello bianco perla
CG02 | White
cancello beige
CG03 | Beige
cancello avorio-marrone
CG04 | Ivory-Beige
Cancelli colore oro
CG05 | Gold
Cancelli colore effetto corten chiaro
CG06 | Light corten effect
Cancelli colore corten scuro
CG07 | Dark corten effect
Cancelli colore corten scuro
CG08 | Dark red
Cancelli colore verde
CG09 | Olive green
Cancelli colore verde
CG10 | Moss green
Cancelli colore verde
CG11 | Fir green
Cancelli colore verde salvia
CG12 | Sage green
Cancelli colore azzurro
CG13 | Light blue
Cancelli colore blu
CG14 | Midnight blue
Cancelli colore turchese
CG15 | Turquoise
Cancelli colore azzurro
CG16 | Azure
Cancelli colore grigio
CG17 | Grey
Cancelli colore grigio antracite
CG18 | Anthracite Grey
Cancelli colore grigio-nero
CG19 | Grey-black
Cancelli colore grigio-quarzo
CG20 | Quartz-grey
Cancelli colore grigio-beige
CG21 | Grey-beige
Cancelli colore grigio-cemento
CG22 | Grey-cement
Cancelli colore grigio topo perlato
CG23 | Pearl mouse grey
Cancelli colore silver
CG24 | Silver
Cancelli colore marrone scuro
CG25 | Dark brown
Cancelli colore nero
CG26 | Black
Cancelli colore grigio chiaro perlato
CG27 | Light grey pearl
Cancelli colore tortora
CG28 | Tortora
Cancelli verde chiaro
CG29 | Light green
Cancelli rosso carminio
CG30 | Carmine red
Cancelli grigio segnale
CG31 | Signal grey
Cancelli grigio tele
CG32 | Canvas grey
Cancelli grigio traffico
CG33 | Traffic grey
Cancelli grigio chiaro
CG34 | Light grey
Cancelli grigio ombra
CG35 | Shadow grey
Cancelli giallo zinco
CG36 | Zinc yellow
Cancelli giallo grigiastro
CG37 | Greyish
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